The Dead Freights Logo white

An Indie Rock'n'Roll band from Southampton UK

Artist Information

Line up: Charlie James | Robert Franklin | Robby Spencer | Louis Duarte

Label: Mi7 Records

Genre: Indie / Rock’n’Roll

Hometown: Southampton, UK

Influences: The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Libertines


Upcoming Shows


Formed in 2015, The Dead Freights are an indie rock’n’roll band from Southampton, UK. Consisting of frontmen Charlie James and Robert Franklin, bassist Robby Spencer and drummer Louis Duarte. 

Dual harmonies, with a redolence of a Lennon/McCartney partnering, strut over crunchy, melodic guitars twinned with a powerfully tight rhythm section. The Dead Freights prowl any stage with a classic, contagious rock’n’roll attitude and a strong arsenal of suggestive, driving anthems. 

After playing in and around the UK for three years, the band signed to indie label Mi7 Records in mid-2018. They recorded at Abbey Road studios in late-2018 and released their debut single “Reason & Walls”. They were named “Big In 2019” by This Feeling.



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